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What are Advanced Exclusion Zones?

What are Advanced Exclusion Zones?

How the advanced exclusion zones for TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with TruVoicelift ignore unwanted background noise in a meeting

For TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2), five new advanced exclusion zones can now (as of March 2021) be defined to ignore noise sources such as projectors and ventilation systems or loudspeakers. These defined zones are then not detected by the microphone beam. All five exclusion zones can be configured completely flexibly horizontally and vertically using the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

In a meeting room, for example, the area directly above a tabletop can be defined as an exclusion zone to ignore unwanted background noise such as keyboard noise or the clattering of cups and glasses. The exclusion zones can, for example, be defined so that the microphone beam only picks up audio signals again from the head height of the meeting participants at the table, so that all speakers are optimally understood.

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