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Game on: Sennheiser partners with Ingress

Ingress, the augmented reality real-world adventure game created by Google’s Niantic Labs, has joined Sennheiser’s “What’s Your MOMENTUM?” project in a partnership that celebrates the best of technical innovation and human creativity. Audio specialist Sennheiser will be releasing a limited Ingress edition of its acclaimed MOMENTUM headphones later this year.

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  • Sennheiser’s social video project, “What’s Your MOMENTUM?” tells inspirational stories of people and projects that epitomise the commitment to creativity, authenticity and following one’s dreams. The project uses short films to tell the stories of people that go further than others, and achieve things that the world has not yet seen.
  • As well as a new MOMENTUM film documenting the worlds and people of Ingress, Sennheiser will be releasing very special limited edition MOMENTUM headphones later this year.
  • In Ingress, the project is exploring something entirely new – a global community of millions of players that enhance the physical world with an online reality, making the real world around us a giant game board.
  • Ingress is a massively multiplayer mobile game that blends an evolving virtual narrative with the physical world around us using augmented reality. Available on Android and iOS devices, Ingress uses smartphone geo-location technology to get players out in the real world and discovering the unique and exciting locations around them. Players team up with others in their local communities to capture and control “portals” – including landmarks, historical sites, parks and artwork – in an attempt to control territory.
  • The world is the game, and the game is getting bigger. Today it is being played in 200 countries and has been downloaded by over 5 million users.
  • The vision of Ingress creator, John Hanke, was to reverse the inward trend to focus on our screens. Ingress encourages movement and takes people outside, and rewards people for collaboration in the real world and learning more about local environment and landmarks.
  • Sennheiser, together with Spotify, is telling the stories of a hugely diverse yet 100% inspirational group of 100 people and projects – following their personal journeys and learning more about the passion, lives and the spirit of MOMENTUM that drives achievement. This fundamental commitment to create something that is special, unique and that has uncompromised authenticity and substance is what Sennheiser seeks to celebrate and discover over the course of the MOMENTUM project.
  • Alongside the films, Sennheiser is also asking others “What’s your MOMENTUM?” – inviting people to join the global MOMENTUM community by adding their own inspirational videos at www.sennheiser-momentum.com. People inspired in turn can add their videos to chains that link connected themes, bringing together ideas about art, music and what it means to live life one step ahead of the crowd.


    Technology today is incredibly useful and powerful, but one of the side effects of its usefulness is that we’re constantly being drawn toward our screens and away from the things around us. Ingress helps create adventures on foot out in the real world by using that technology to enhance the way that you learn about and interact with the interesting things around you.
    John Hanke, Ingress creator

    The MOMENTUM project is all about the people exploring new frontiers in sound, technology and creativity. The community of Ingress players is a testament to this spirit – they’re blurring the lines between reality and the virtual, using technology to discover an entirely new way to experience our world.
    Uwe Cremering, Head of Global Marketing at Sennheiser

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