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Sennheiser headphones are durable and made for those on the move—designed to deliver outstanding sound while also being comfortable for extensive wearing periods. A long commute never sounded better!

Sennheiser-quality Sound, On the Go.

Thanks to net-based services, enjoying your favorite music and movies while on the move is easier than ever! That’s why your mobile headphones should sound every bit as good as the ones you keep at home. But, since you use them outdoors, they have to be adequately sturdy and in line with your personal style. Sennheiser has been crafting great headphones for mobile use for a very long time—so you can rest assured that "perfect style" doesn’t only apply to the look.

No matter what “mobile” means for you personally—the bus, the street, or training at the gym—Sennheiser can provide exactly what you need. The portfolio covers everything from full-size circumaural headphones to ultra-lightweight ear-canal phones. Acoustically open or closed—some also available with Bluetooth®. In any case you’ll enjoy the legendary Sennheiser sound.

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