Brings live audio
to your smartphone

MobileConnect is an assistive- and personal listening solution that streams
live audio content via WiFi to any iOS or Android phone in the room.

How it works

MobileConnect consists of three main components: The MobileConnect Station is the "audio-to-network bridge" that picks up the audio signal in the room and streams it to any preferred streaming network. Using the pre-existing WiFi access points, the signal is provided to up to 100 smartphones per Station, using the MobileConnect App as a receiver. When using multiple Stations, the MobileConnect Manager can be used as the single point of administration for all MobileConnect Stations. If not needed, MobileConnect can also be operated in the so-called Standalone Mode, where single MobileConnect Stations can be run and administered using a local web interface.


Listen your way

Using your own smartphone as a receiver offers many advantages - not onl...

Using your own smartphone as a receiver offers many advantages - not only in times of Covid. It allows you to connect your favorite listening device, for example an induction neck loop or your over-ear headphones, so that you just need to start listening without asking for rental equipment in advance. But most importantly, it allows you to sit anywhere in the room, not just in the front row where the induction loop is installed.

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Future-proof installation

There are two ways to set up MobileConnect: The lightweight Standalone M...

There are two ways to set up MobileConnect: The lightweight Standalone Mode and the fully integrated and scalable Manager Mode. This provides the flexibility you need to easily integrate any number of MobileConnect Stations into your existing audio setup and network environment. And as you can switch between both modes at any time the system can effortlessly grow and change to meet your needs in the future.

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Easy Management

Especially when operating multiple MobileConnect Stations, the MobileCon...

Especially when operating multiple MobileConnect Stations, the MobileConnect Manager helps you to keep an overview of your system remotely. MobileConnect also helps you to focus on what's important by eliminiating tedious tasks such as cleaning and providing loaner equipment or recharging batteries. Even providing new QR codes for channel access can easily be integrated into your meeting calendar using the MobileConnect API.

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Hygienic Usage
Use your own device instead of rental equipment.
Easy Management
Keep everything in view with the MobileConnect Manager.
Easy Streaming Access
Choose your way to access the preferred audio stream.
Low Latency Audio Streaming
Enjoy premium audio quality anywhere in the room.
Scalable System Integration
Easily add additional MobileConnect Stations to your system.
Individual Sound Adjustments
Intuitively customize your hearing experience within the app.
True Inclusion
Use MobileConnect discretely and anywhere in the room.
MobileConnect API
Automate tasks like regenerating QR codes via a dedicated API.
Easy Setup
Choose between the lightweight Standalone or fully integrated Manager Mode.
Secure Streaming Access
You decide how and which streaming channels shall be accessed.
Low Maintenance Costs
No additional equipment, no servicing or recharging, no hidden costs.
Dante Integration
Use the full potential of digital audio with Dante.

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