Make yourself heard.

Microphones for meetings and conferences

The better the communication, the more successful the meeting. With our microphones we support you in getting your messages across perfectly. Whether in a small working group or a big team.

Convince with competence

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, Victor Hugo once said. But an idea can only be strong, when it can be heard. That’s why we introduce the high Sennheiser sound quality and reliability to our company. With our microphone solutions for meetings and conference we provide superior speech intelligibility. Making sure that you will be heard, no matter the communicational or spatial context. Thanks to their timeless design the microphones integrate seamlessly into any environment, offering versatile application possibilities.


Your meeting room becomes a hands-free kit. The all-in-one system for telephone and web conferences with up to 16 participants offers first-class speech intelligibility and can be connect from any given terminal device. Just plug in and get started.

  • Wired
  • Plug-and-play
  • Up to 16 participants

TeamConnect Wireless

The first wireless, portable audio conference solution that allows you to hold a conference with professional sound quality from virtually any room without technical equipment.

  • Wireless and portable
  • Fast conference setup regardless of interior design or table layout
  • For up to 24 participants

TeamConnect Ceiling

This conference system uses a ceiling microphone installation with beamforming technology to combine the advantages of wireless and wired solutions with minimal support requirements in any meeting room.

  • 3 ceiling installation versions
  • Covers 60 square meters of space
  • Beamforming technology for automatic focus on the relevant speaker


Set up your telephone conference right where you are: just plug in and speak—anytime, anywhere.

  • Unified Communications
  • Mobile working
  • Up to 4 participants


The conference system for press conferences, assembly floor sessions, and many more applications has proven its worth. Whether wired or wireless: ADN is a professional and reliable system featuring a timeless design and future-proof technology.

  • Combinable: wired and wireless
  • Interference- and bug-proof
  • Up to 400 discussion units

SpeechLine Wired

With solutions for meetings, conferences, and presentations the SpeechLine Wired series offers the right microphone for every application.

  • Installation microphones
  • Versatile solutions
  • Superior speech intelligibility

SpeechLine Interpreter Desk

With the SL interpreter console you eliminate language barriers. Combined with the proven Sennheiser Tourguide systems you get a flexible comprehensive solution for simultaneous translations.

  • Simultaneous translation
  • Relay language function
  • For up to two interpreters