How to podcast

1: Why podcasting?

So, you want to start your first podcast and have no plan? Don't worry about it. Audio specialist Sennheiser and music producer, audio engineer and professional podcaster Marc Mozart will help you out: In the video series “How to start your own Podcast” you’ll learn how you can start your own podcast in nine steps. Subjects covered by the ten episodes range from basic decisions such as deciding on a name and themes to more in-depth considerations like what podcast microphone and recording software is best for you.

2: Your Purpose

What can I talk about? What should I call my podcast? What image should I use?

3: Get Inspired

You are looking about examples of successful podcast formats? Get inspired by Gary Vee and Tim Ferriss podcasts.

4: Recording Gear

Marc takes a closer look at podcast microphones and headsets for beginners and professionals.

5: Your Voice

In today's episode it's all about the voice, micplacement and recording software.

6: Launch Time

It’s time to talk about the basics of audio mixing and how to edit a podcast episode. Marc also shows you how to add music.

7: Hosting

This episode guides you through how to choose the best podcast hoster and discusses the various pros and cons of these services.

8: Social Media

This is an episode full of tips on how to use social media to expand reach and get more subscribers for your podcast.

9: What´s Next?

Marc offers his thoughts on how to monetize your podcast –from advice on making money with your podcast, to finding a sponsor.

About Marc Mozart

Marc Mozart is an award-winning German music producer and mixing engineer. He has worked with international artists, film-projects and worked with German stars.

In 2015, his self-published educational book YOUR MIX SUCKS catapulted Marc into Internet fame in the pro audio community, with 100,000+ followers across his social media channels. His podcast show “Studio-Frühstück” (studio breakfast) regularly tops the Podcast charts in the music category.

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