For 75 years we’ve been in pursuit of the Future of Audio and dedicated to delivering superior sound. But how do you put sound quality to the test?

Working alongside music composer and sound designer, Tim Cowie, we’ve created the world’s first audio track specifically designed to test the three elements that make up premium sound quality.

Sound Check is a unique audio experience that will help you understand what to listen out for when judging superior headphone performance.

Test your headphones

There are three elements that make up superior sound quality. The test for any premium headphones is the ability to reproduce sound exactly as the musician or composer intended. Put on your headphones and discover how to hear the difference.

The ability to hear every hidden detail

The harmonious balance of bass, midrange and treble

The ability to visualise the musicians around you

About Tim Cowie

Tim Cowie is an award winning sound designer and music composer. With over 20 years of experience, he specialises in creating audio and visual content for experiential installations and live performances. Together, we’ve create the perfect track to test any headphone.