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EW-DX, the latest member of our Evolution Wireless Digital family, is designed so that you don’t have to choose between a system that is easy to use and one that is powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding business and professional applications. With its straightforward installation and integration, the system easily scales across your existing Dante® network, from the smallest meeting room or classroom to the largest educational and corporate campus installations.

With advanced functionality, you can manage the fine details or allow the system to eliminate the frustration of complex channel and audio setting management. Additionally, you can experience virtually effortless system maintenance with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit, which allows the system to be managed, monitored, and controlled remotely.

First released in June 2021, Evolution Wireless Digital provides the most reliable connection for any situation, any place, today or tomorrow - whether it's voice, lecture, conference, moderation, or live performance. Learn more about 2021 EW-D release and how this expanding family of products can help you simplify your workflow and save you precious time, while satisfying all the business and technical needs you might have.

All Benefits at a glance

SCC Advanced level of Sennheiser Control Cockpit (SCC) integration allows for remote, network-enabled management in installations of all sizes
Effortless system control and monitoring Effortless system control and monitoring through 3rd party applications
Network Network-enabled charging options for handheld and bodypack transmitters with CHG 70N
AES 256 Secure transmission of confidential content using AES-256 encryption
Worldwide usage Worldwide usage (subject to local RF regulations)
Dante Digital audio over network for easy integration into any existing Dante® network
12 hours battery Up to 12 hours of battery time
Function buttons Transmitters with function buttons for convenient on-device control
e-link display Transmitters with e-Ink display for easy user identification
Automatic RF setup Automatic RF setup enables easy in-room configuration
Dynamic range 134 dB audio input dynamic range – no sensitivity settings needed
Low Latency 1.9 ms ultra-low latency

Versatile and scalable microphone system

Customizable: EW-DX is a truly versatile mic system that easily adapts to your professional requirements. Whether you are using it for university lectures or corporate meetings, either in-person or hybrid, EW-DX delivers peak performance, every single time. Plus, integration with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit and 3rd party applications allow for effortless remote monitoring and control, regardless of whether you are running operations in a single meeting room or managing a sophisticated cross-campus installation.

Versatile and scalable microphone system

Reliable system in any environment

Dependable: EW-DX boasts an advanced feature set in a world-renowned durable Sennheiser design, making it a reliable tool in times where speech matters most. Robust digital RF links ensure stable, artifact-free connection, while AES-256 encryption allows for secure transmission of confidential content.

Reliable system in any environment

Simple to install and easy to monitor

Effortless: Designed for simple setups or advanced installations, EW-DX can easily integrate into any existing Dante network. The impressive 134 dB of dynamic range means never having to worry about a sensitivity setting. The Sennheiser Control Cockpit gives you the option to control settings and remotely monitor vital things, like battery telemetry, for all components of EW-DX.

Simple to install and easy to monitor

A UHF system that will meet your ever-changing demands

Innovative: Whether in-person, online or hybrid, EW-DX is a wireless microphone system that will meet your changing needs. Rechargeable components deliver up to 12 hours of operating time and keep your campus socially responsible. Equipped with an advanced feature set, including AES-256 encryption for complete security, extremely low latency of 1,9 ms for perfect speech intelligibility, and our ability to offer future feature updates via the Sennheiser Control Cockpit, EW-DX is ready to evolve with you.

A UHF system that will meet your ever-changing demands



Presentations and lectures


online/offline and hybrid


  • Digital Brochures
  • Spec Sheets
    • Product specification - EW-DX EM 2 (260 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX SK (260 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX SKM | EW-DX SKM-S (340 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX 835-S SET (350 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX MKE 2-835 SET (410 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX MKE2 SET (320 KB) Download

    • Product specification - EW-DX SK-SKM-S BASE SET (400 KB) Download

    • Product specification - CHG 70N (230 KB) Download

  • Misc
  • Quick Guides
    • Sennheiser Control Cockpit - How to Guide (440 KB) Download

  • 3rd Party Integration
    • Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol - EW-DX EM 2 (Firmware 1.1.3) (510 KB) Download

    • Crestron Plugin - EW-DX EM 2 (2.1 MB) Download

    • Q-SYS Plugin - EW-DX EM 2 (770 KB) Download

  • Firmware Updates
    • Firmware Update - EW-DX Version 1.2.13 (31 MB) Download

  • Release Notes
    • Firmware Release Notes - EW-DX (110 KB) Download

  • Instruction Manual & Frequently asked questions
    • Instruction manual and frequently asked questions - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (HTML) Download

    • Instruction manual and frequently asked questions - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (PDF) (24 MB) Download

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  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of Conformity - EW-DX EM 2 | EW-DX SKM | EW-DX SK (1.3 MB) Download

  • Technical Information
    • Configuration of 802.1x for EW-DX (380 KB) Download

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