Colored labels for wireless link identification for Evolution Wireless Digital EM 1/2 19"" rack receiver
Article No. 508992
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Versatile and feature-rich digital wireless system for those who sing, speak or play instruments that allows for seamless product pairing and management via the EW-D Smart Assist App. Receive state-of-the-art live sound.

  • Digital wireless eliminates noise, interference and static bursts

  • UHF transmission greatly enhances range, reliability and scalability

  • Mobile App streamlines setup and operation and eliminates complicated menu

  • Automated setup creates reliable connections with minimal time and effort

  • Up to 2,240 selectable frequencies

  • 56 MHz Bandwidth will allow for up to 90 channels

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What's in the Box
  • 1x EW-D EM COLOR CODING Colored labels
  • (16) magnetic color indicators to identify EW-D SK bodypack transmitters
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