Can I listen to a TV with Bluetooth headphones?

We only recommend Bluetooth headphones for TV watching if the latency of the transmission is sufficiently low, e.g. when transmitter/audio source and headphone both support aptX Low Latency or similar.
  • HD1 On-Ear Wireless Black
  • MOMENTUM On-Ear Wireless Black
  • MOMENTUM 2 Wireless Black
  • PXC 550 Wireless
  • HD1 Wireless Black
  • HD1 On-Ear Wireless Ivory
  • MOMENTUM 2 Wireless Ivory
  • MOMENTUM On-Ear Wireless Ivory
  • HD1 In-Ear Wireless
  • HD 4.40BT
  • MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless Black
  • HD 4.50BTNC
  • CX 7.00BT In-Ear Wireless
  • HD1 Wireless Ivory