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Interview Robin Bronner, Sennheiser highlights at ISE

Robin Bronner has been Project Manager for Integrated Systems Europe at Sennheiser since 2016. Here he tells us about his personal highlights from the world’s largest AV trade fair.

Interview Robin Bronner, Sennheiser highlights at ISE

What were the most spectacular Sennheiser product launches at ISE? How were they staged?

The most spectacular product launch was definitely the staging of our hero product TeamConnect Ceiling in 2016. The combination of functional and artistic presentation of the ceiling microphone array attracted a lot of attention from our stand visitors. At the same time, the innovative voice tracking function was explained in a simple and understandable way. The 28 omnidirectional microphone capsules of the ceiling microphone array pick up all audio signals throughout the entire meeting room. Using digital signal processing, the appropriate speaker area is then selected in real time. This allows the ceiling microphone array to determine the position of the person speaking at any time – whether they are sitting, standing or moving around the room.

The TeamConnect Ceiling was launched at the ISE 2016.

What were your personal highlights at the Sennheiser stand over the last 5 years?

My personal highlight was the bar in the design of our TeamConnect Wireless meeting system in 2016 which formed the centerpiece of the stand and set a new standard in terms of hospitality. In order to adapt the design of TeamConnect Wireless, a circular counter with a diameter of 6m was created which replicated the silhouette and LED lights of TeamConnect Wireless.

A visual highlight: the Sennheiser Bar in TeamConnect Wireless design.

Which giveaways were particularly popular at the fair?

For ISE 2019, we had giveaways produced for the first time that fit into a holistic communication concept. The overall idea was to give back energy to exhausted visitors at our stand. As giveaways, we therefore offered charging cables for iOS and Android devices, charging stations for mobile devices and delicious ginger shots. Especially the charging cables were in great demand.

A particularly popular giveaway at the Sennheiser stand at ISE 2019: the 3-in-1 charging cable with the Sennheiser logo.

Which Sennheiser events at the ISE were the most exciting ones?

At our Sennheiser customer event 2019 at Café Panache, we outdid ourselves in terms of venue, catering and program. Our customers were taken from the exhibition center to the event by a private tram. Small delicacies were served in a pleasant atmosphere. The customers had a lot of fun with arcade games like pinball and table football. Afterwards the guests relaxed with delicious cocktails and celebrated the success of the past years.

The Sennheiser customer event 2019 at Café Panache was a complete success.

What is Sennheiser’s aspiration when it comes to the customer experience at its ISE stand?

At ISE, we always place great importance on not restricting ourselves to the mere presentation of products. Products should be experienced by our customers. That’s why we have established a live demo room for our meeting solutions, for example. On stage, we show live demonstrations of our speech-optimized products for lectures and presentations. At ISE 2020, we will be using interactive monitors for the first time to impress our customers with our proprietary, user-oriented software.

A crowd-puller at the ISE every year: the live demo room at the Sennheiser stand.