Working Together for Greater Diversity


The distinctive individuality of every single one means that we all have different experiences and talents that could contribute to the creative potential of a community. More and more decision-makers in politics, business and culture have already identified diversity as an important influencer of success and therefore have created an appropriate framework. At Sennheiser diversity is gaining of importance as well. We meet the steering team of the Sennheiser Diversity Network and discover: Promotion of diversity is visible in the company by means of numerous initiatives that the network has launched. The declining proportion of female managers was one of the reasons why a group of dedicated employees had founded the Sennheiser Women’s Network in 2016, with Daniel Sennheiser as sponsor and supporter.


Heidrun Streich has been involved since the very beginning. “If you are motivated to change something for the better, than this network is the perfect opportunity to do so!” Sabine Kukuruzovic remembers her grandmother in Croatia. “Her house was always full of people from everywhere. I have always found it very exciting to meet all these interesting people. I wanted to replicate this open-door culture at Sennheiser.” Sofia Brazzola is thrilled how openly she was accepted by the very international AMBEO team when she came to Sennheiser Switzerland from Italy. “Diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is particularly crucial for innovation. I would like to set the example to look beyond hiring people ‘similar to us’ and inspire a more inclusive culture.” Dorit Müller’s reasons to join the network were quite similar. “I want to create a culture of us supporting one another and make each other’s talents visible, no matter if male, female or whatever background or age.”


“In the beginning, when it was still called Women’s Network, also male colleagues approached us and asked how they could get involved,” Dorit says. “With that we knew the concept worked.” After three years, it was time to take the next step. In 2019, the Women’s Network became the Sennheiser Diversity Network. It is for everyone who is interested to consciously experience diversity and inclusion and actively help to shape it. “Our aim is to offer people at Sennheiser a forum for cultural exchange through discussions, background information and initiatives, and to set impulses,” says Ulrike Bosman.


The steering team of the Sennheiser Diversity Network is strongly convinced: The best ideas and the biggest benefit for the company arises when people of diverse talents, interests and at different stages of life are enabled to constructively and respectfully work together.



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