Home is where the sound cocoon is


As he was listening to music with his headphones, Ralf Dressel began to wonder: “How could I recreate this sound in a live environment? With speakers perhaps?” Ralf, who has always loved to experiment with both music and technology, couldn’t get the idea out of his mind. Hence, the idea for a sound cocoon was born. And where better to test it than his home office?

Ralf’s sound cocoon was located in Waldshut-Tiengen, a place in the Black Forest where the Sennheiser Audio Labs originated in 2012. And this is where Ralf was persuaded by Daniel Sennheiser to take on the position of System Test Engineer with the newly developing company. But Ralf put his trust in the firm, and moved with his family to Tiengen, where he planned to recreate his sound cocoon in his new workroom.

“The atmosphere at our small site and my own personal interest were the perfect combination to create something new. In 2012, I had the idea for an AudioSphere. Initially designed as a space for meditation, it quickly became the epitome of immersive sound,” says Ralf. “The results were so impressive that I decided to share my passion with the company—and, with the help of Dr. Björn Wolter, this speaker and microphone system was registered for a Sennheiser patent (DE102014211224A1).”

The Sennheiser Audio Labs have since amalgamated with the Sennheiser headquarters in Wedemark, so Ralf and his office had to move yet again. “The AudioSphere system is better than ever and has brought joy to so many listeners, even if it has not (yet) become a Sennheiser product,” says Ralf. “But he still has faith that the Sennheiser family and AudioSphere could create a solid partnership.”

And it goes without saying that Ralf made full inquiries before moving to Wedemark as to whether his new study was AudioSphere compatible...



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