Me & My Boys.

Pippa Kent loves sport. It was during the 2003 Rugby World Cup that she left her home country of England and traveled to Australia to cheer on her team. England won the final against Australia, but, at the same time, Australia stole Pippa’s heart. She did everything she could to start a new life in the land of kangaroos and koalas. “I did my MBA but I was already too old for the Work & Travel program. That made it more difficult to find opportunities, but I didn’t give up,” says Pippa. “I made good use of the 3-month visa and took a long vacation, which took me to Australia. During that time, I did everything I could to find a job.” Ten years after cheering on her rugby team, Pippa found a job in her new home, Australia.

In 2017, Pippa met with her current boss Chris Smith at Sennheiser. “He really didn’t give up on getting me in his team. I had previously worked in the automotive and beer industries, both of which actually have a lot in common with the audio industry. They are quite traditional industries, people tend to remain within the same one (i.e. people usually switch from one car manufacturer to another, from one beer brand to another, and generally remain loyal to the audio industry in all its various manifestations), and they are very male-dominated environments.” Therefore, it didn’t come as a shock to Pippa to find herself surrounded by an all-male team and predominantly male customer base in her new role as trade marketing manager. “However, I do find the whole gender discussion somewhat unnecessary. If you can assert yourself in a professional environment, and if you listen and work together to find solutions, then you will naturally earn respect. If you treat everyone the same and are willing to work together to organize projects, there are no barriers.” Whenever Pippa talks about her team, she gives a playful wink as she refers to herself and “her boys.” “At the end of the day, you have to have a laugh together as well as learn from one another.”

Pippa travels a lot between Australia and New Zealand and is also in constant contact with her team in the US. New Zealand reminds her the most of home. The climate is similar, and there are plenty of green spaces. However, she has also come to love the stark contrast with the heat and the sandy red desert of Australia. But perhaps the biggest indication of which nation your heart belongs to is your chosen team in sporting events.



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