Sometimes you have to grab life with both hands


As we speak on the phone with Kim Tucker in England, Storm Dennis is sweeping across the country. Before starting at Sennheiser UK, Kim lived on the Isle of Wight with her young family. “There were limited job opportunities on the island, so I was delighted when I got a position at Sennheiser UK in High Wycombe. It meant boarding the ferry to the mainland early in the morning followed by an 82- mile drive to the office. I drove a little green car which I affectionately called Kermit. It struggled a little on the motorways and I found the long distance and early starts a challenge. After a month or so, I knew the commute was simply too much, but I had already fallen in love with Sennheiser.”

Joining Sennheiser UK in 2005 was just the first of many big changes in Kim’s life: a new employer, the relocation of her home and her family, to name just a couple. However, Kim immediately discovered the true meaning of Sennheiser family, with the support she received from her new colleagues as she adjusted to her new surroundings. Today Kim continues to grab life with both hands as she did back in 2005, embracing change and overcoming whatever obstacles come her way.

In her current role at Sennheiser, Kim has spent the last three years traveling between Germany and England. “Of course, I was a little apprehensive that I would lose the close contact with my UK colleagues if I was out of the UK office so often, but everything has worked out fine. In fact, it has been a great opportunity, as my network of associates has actually doubled!” Kim is now completely used to working between the two locations and she is certainly proof that camaraderie and teamwork can follow us wherever we may go.



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