Run Julia Run.

It is early June 2013. Julia is always well prepared and always on time. For her interview at Sennheiser Russia in Moscow, she did plenty of research and set off early. “I live outside of the city, so I drove to the Moscow city center first and then planned to take the subway. When I got there, there was a state of emergency. Thousands of people swarmed up from the platforms below, there was no getting through,” she says. There had been a terrorist attack on the Moscow underground. The passengers had just been evacuated.

Julia realized that she was never going to make it in time. For someone like Julia, who is such a stickler for punctuality, this must have been devastating. “Of course, I tried every means possible to get there—bus, taxi, you name it. I called Sennheiser as I ran so at least they knew I was on my way.” Despite her best efforts, Julia’s hopes, firstly that she would still make it on time and secondly that she would still have a chance of getting the job, started to dwindle. “I thought it would all be for nothing. How can you trust someone who doesn’t even make it to the interview on time?”

The interview finally took place, and Julia was stunned to be offered the job. Obviously, Sennheiser Russia was looking for more than just punctuality. “I noticed very quickly the level of quality and detail with which everyone worked here. I really liked that. And when I started talking to customers and artists, they spoke enthusiastically about how much they loved the brand and how proud they were to work with Sennheiser. If you are successful as a musician in Russia, then you use Sennheiser products. It’s as simple as that. It makes me really proud to work for such a renowned and popular brand.” And since that day, Julia has never been late again. But even if she was, we’re sure they would forgive her.



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