A Duet with Bryan Adams.

Statistically, we have all wished to be on stage with our idol at one time or another. There is no point denying it or trying to be cool. However, the statistics also show that for the majority of people, this dream will never become a reality. Yet Dr. Henrike Knake’s dreams came true with none other than Bryan Adams.

The catchy tune “When you’re gone” is Bryan’s hit duet with Mel C but as she was otherwise occupied being a Spice Girl, Bryan asked the audience if anyone could sing. Within seconds Henrike became the loudest, most raucous and most visible member of the audience. “I wouldn’t say that I had a fantastic voice, but that didn’t matter, I wanted to get up there.” Henrike obviously played the part of Mel C so well that she was later interviewed for television and the newspaper. You never forget something like that.

Ten years later, Henrike had her job interview in Wedemark and during the discussion with Dr. Andreas Sennheiser she recalled her five minutes of global fame. “He took me through the production area and we passed this picture of Bryan Adams. He is a big fan of Sennheiser, especially the Neumann microphones, and had visited the facility. That’s when I told Andreas my story.”

Henrike’s first day with Sennheiser simply wouldn’t have been the same if Mr. Adams hadn’t once again played a key role. “I arrived at my desk and there was the picture from the production area with a ‘Welcome’ note attached.” Henrike knew straightaway that this was the place for her.



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