Good Things Are Worth Waiting For.


When Arno Dannenberg applied to Sennheiser, he got a call. “Can you come for an interview in 45 minutes?” It all happened very quickly. However, not everything at Sennheiser produces results as fast as that. Sometimes you have to wait. For example, if a product does not yet meet the high expectations, it may take a little longer to perfect. And if, like Arno, you want to set up your long-awaited test chamber and have to find a suitable location for it, then you need plenty of patience.


“We had been thinking for quite a while about ways to set up a test chamber that could streamline the processes and ensure we had significantly greater throughput,” explains Arno. “At that time, only one test could take place at a time, which was not very efficient. We wanted the test chamber to be more standardized and able to respond more quickly. It was also clear that this would not work in our existing premises. We had to think bigger.”


Then an opportunity arose. The closure of a cell phone manufacturer meant that the parts we needed for the construction of the chamber were available very cheaply. Even though there was no fixed location in place, everyone agreed that it was too good an opportunity to miss. Over the course of several weekends, the colleagues loaded up the heavy metal parts and brought them from the Ruhr area to Wedemark. An interim storage facility was not a problem, but the search was still ongoing. “It will take a bit of time,” everyone said. “Our ears pricked up every time there was a move somewhere in the company. Several times, I made detailed plans to check whether a move could work. We tried to stay optimistic,” Arno recalls with a smile.


Sometime later, the training workshop was due to move into the location where Arno and his colleagues had stored their parts. However, the previous training workshop site offered an ideal location for his new laboratory and test chamber. It all seemed to work out this time. “Of course, a move like this takes months before everything is where it should be. We couldn’t set up our laboratory overnight. The floor had to be removed and the room literally gutted.” Arno drew up many plans during this time. The architect couldn’t believe the accuracy of the designs, even down to the light switches. However, absolute precision was crucial. A miscalculation of even half a centimeter and the test chamber would not have fit in the space.


Three years after Arno’s first drawing, the colleagues finally moved into their new laboratory with its state-of-the-art test chamber, which has proven invaluable. If something has to be checked at short notice, we can always take care of it. In fact, we can just picture Arno on the phone saying “Come over in 45 minutes.”



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