Tonight: MC Alex Lim!


When we spoke to Alex on Skype, it was like being invited to dinner with him and his wife. During the ongoing lockdown of spring 2020, both are working from home at the kitchen table of their apartment in Singapore. Alex immediately makes people feel relaxed and well looked after. He has always been good at that. Even in high school, Alex was the one who brought his classmates together in clubs and organized various leisure activities. “That‘s me,” he says. “I always like to be surrounded by people and I want everyone to have a good time.”


Anyone who follows Alex on social media will agree. Almost every weekend is spent celebrating anniversaries, weddings and attending sports events. “Eventually, my friends started asking if I could be the MC (Master of Ceremony) at weddings and parties. I really enjoy it!

Not because I like being center stage, but because I want to give the hosts and their guests an unforgettable day.”


Alex joined Sennheiser three years ago. Since then, his colleagues have also benefited from his enthusiasm and ideas. “In the early days, we were in our old office. It was outdated and didn’t even have windows. Since then, we have moved and our new premises suit us much better: They are open and modern, encouraging collaborative working relationships and openness just like our culture principle. I came from a different background as I worked for adidas for 10 years and that seemed like a long time. Then I met people at Sennheiser who have been with the company for over 20 years. There is a real family culture here.”


It’s not just the length of service of its employees that distinguishes Sennheiser from his previous employers. Many brands that were once traditional family businesses are no longer independent. So if Alex had one wish for Sennheiser’s future, it would be this: “A brand like Sennheiser must remain family-run. That is what makes us so special. Meetings with the Sennheiser family are always very warm and open. The atmosphere is almost infectious. You feel like part of the family.” And that’s exactly how we feel when our teleconference comes to an end and we have to say goodbye to Alex. But we look forward to our next invitation to a virtual dinner!



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