Read, listen, enjoy. We have asked Sennheiser employees, customers and fans to tell us their stories and share their personal magic moment with us. This is your crew.

Every generation has its strengths

A handshake for life

Treasure hunting.

The sound of evolution

The art of listening.

A Heavyweight in Sound Production.

Thank you for the music

Never has a broken heart sounded bolder.

Send and receive

Keeping it in the family.

I Believe in the Power of Kindness.

Working Together for Greater Diversity.

The truck is missing

The skinny man in the tasseled shirt

Roots & Future.

Breathing life into the building.

Hitting the Audio Throttle.

Sunday, 9 pm.

Run Julia Run.

One of the greatest jam sessions of all time

Welcome to the Other Side.

Your own play

Bringing Cirque du Soleil’s Sound to Life.

More than Sound.

Manfred, the joker

A chanted testament set to music

Imagine Hearing for the Very First Time.

Save the Best Till Last.

When Opportunity Knocks, You Answer.

The Power of Being Empowered.

Your Man for a Long-term Relationship.

A tale of revenge, forgiveness and redemption

A series of strange events

Me & My Boys.

Always Be Prepared.

Keeping it Real.

Sometimes you have to grab life with both hands

Dressing Like an Adult Doesn’t Make You an Adult.

A Duet with Bryan Adams.

I knew I didn’t want to do this all my life.

Share the Spirit.

It’s not a network thing – It’s building friendships.

Welcome to the Hotel California.

The Phantom and I.

Constantly Curious.

There will never be another group like us.

Politics, Protests & Cheesecake.

Full Immersion.

Listen Carefully.

Good Things Are Worth Waiting For.

Tonight: MC Alex Lim!

The Age of Rock’n’Roll – Redefined.

A Pinch of Analog, a Dash of Digital.

People Make All the Difference.

Never Lose Eye Contact.

Home is where the sound cocoon is

Keep Knocking On Doors.

Transcending borders

Making the most of the old to design the new.

Be Adaptable.

I Make People Happy.

She rocks.

A special moment of appreciation.

For the Love of Audio.

A new way of working

No Such Thing as an Average Day.

Addicted to sound

Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

The Spirit of Experimentation.

The Tears Made it All Worthwhile.

Sometimes, We Stretch Our Limits A Bit.

Stay Humble, Be Thankful.

The silence before the applause

The master of dynamic microphones

The future of music is ever-changing

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A very special anniversary that we would like to celebrate with all of you – our employees, our partners and, of course, our customers and friends. Basically, with the people behind our achievements and exciting projects. We asked our employees and customers to tell us their stories. Have a look and find out what we have planned for 2020. more