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Making an impact. Together.
And drive the future of audio.

We are aiming to establish a less hierarchical leadership style and instead shift to a new way of leadership that helps our people to grow – with optimism, creativity and empathy – helping to lead Sennheiser into a bold future.
That’s why we are looking for sales-oriented people who believe that personal growth goes hand in hand with the success of the firm.
To achieve that, we offer inspiring work in a family of true audio enthusiasts for a brand that matters.
The opportunities to build a career with us are as varied as our employees. But we all share a passion to create impact for our brand, business and customers and for that reason we give room to realize your ambitions.
To make it happen, we ensure that our leadership makes you the owner of your success – helping you to unleash your potential as individual.

Typical areas of work include, for example, Sales, Key Account Management, Brand Advocates, Global E-Commerce and Business Development.

»Addicted to sound«

It was his first pair of headphones, the HD 497, that got Amos Tay addicted. Addicted to sound. When his mother gave him the headphones, he was just 15 years old, and from that point on he never went anywhere without them. One of his friends actually said: “You should work for the headphone company when you’re older.”

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»Welcome to the Other Side.«

Marcela Ortiz knows what it’s like to work while everyone else is partying. For ten years she worked in restaurants and bars in Colombia for Heineken Beer. When she told her boss at the time that she was going to take a job at Sennheiser, he looked very puzzled: “What kind of beer do they make at Sennheiser?”

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Interested in working for us?

Interested in working for us?

If working in Sales & Service for Sennheiser sounds like something you would enjoy, find and apply for an open position now more