Sennheiser Japan

The secret of our success

In the past four years we have worked with many of Japan’s leading bands and artists. EXILE for example is the most popular dance and music group in the country, while AKB 48 is the best-known women’s band. And then there are Comes True, Yumi Matsutoya, the rock band 9mm parabellum bullet, the gospel group Gospellaers and SMAP – to mention just a few examples.

These singers and bands count on Sennheiser, as do many producers. We also support recently discovered talents in all musical genres. Our end customers know that Sennheiser has the perfect solution for all their requirements. Broadcasting companies, cultural institutions and the musical theatre all rely on Sennheiser products. In a nutshell, our most important target group is lovers of sound everywhere.

And here again we see that innovative strength, quality and excellence make their mark. The metropolises of Japan are among our most important target markets – where besides Sennheiser, we also market the Rycote and vdB brands.

What makes us special

Admittedly we haven’t earned any international prizes, like the Grammy or the Emmy, for our work in Japan so far. But some of our products have won important Japanese awards. Our HD 800, in particular, has received practically all the national prizes of the Japanese headphones industry.

What we love doing

Our 23 members of staff in Japan live up to our customers’ expectations of the perfect sound, with individual service provided on location. We are a presence at festivals and concerts, and endeavour to forge direct contacts with artists, tone technicians and consumers both backstage and in the auditorium. It goes without saying that sponsoring forms part of our activities. In our eyes, superlative service standards are a challenge which we live up to day after day. Behind this is our guiding vision – of outstanding sound performance to meet all kinds of individual requirements.

But Sennheiser is not only interested in business. We contribute to social causes on a regular basis; we have partnerships with the Japanese Aviation University and with various music colleges in the country. Nor should we omit to mention our commitment to culture. The National Theatre and the Bunraku-za are a Japanese institution. Shiki is the musical theatre par excellence. And then there is the Suntory Hall, which has already earned itself an international reputation – not least thanks to the Sennheiser microphones used there.

These successes would not be possible without a team who are really passionate about perfection of sound, and who put this passion into practice. We are proud of the fact that the talents assembled in Japan, with their passion for perfect sound and their ongoing improvements in technical expertise, have been rewarded with corporate success.

Our managing director Shozo Kubo illustrates this philosophy in a way that few can emulate. From the very first, Mr Kubo contributed to the establishment of Sennheiser in Japan and has made it successful. “Our first target was to make Sennheiser better known in Japan as a premium brand. Then we aimed to overtake Bose and become number one in international terms – this we achieved in February 2012. And in future, too, innovative strength, quality and excellence will continue to be the pacemakers for Sennheiser’s success.

Where we have roots

Today Sennheiser employs more than 2,100 people in over 90 countries. Our global headquarters is located in Wennebostel, Germany, a small village close to the northern German city of Hanover. Our Wennebostel production facilities meet the highest technical standards in the production of microphones, wireless transmission technology, conference and tour guide systems, aviation headsets, high quality headphones and headphone transducers and monitor systems.

Where we are at home

Our home is in the Japanese capital. Tokyo is an effervescent metropolis where advanced technology is in demand. We also have a branch in Osaka, which carries all the products of our portfolio. Our most important customer is the Shiki Theatre Company, which has purchased hundreds of Sennheiser microphones.

The Japanese love premium products, and value quality service. So it only stands to reason that more and more Japanese people are coming to rely on the sound quality they get with Sennheiser, from headphones to microphones.

At both our offices we are in pursuit of a vision – that of making the Sennheiser brand better known in Japan. With this end in view we are not only starting to distribute Secom products this year, we are also launching a specially developed advertising campaign for headphones, which will even be shown on Japanese trains.