Sennheiser Benelux - The Netherlands

Key factors for Sennheiser’s success in the Netherlands

Artists such as BLØF, Cesar Zuiderwijk, Epica, Mennen, Rowwen Hèze, Ziggi and Within Temptation all trust our microphones to give the best rendering of their voice. Our customers know that innovative strength, quality and excellence are going to make their mark. Sennheiser has the perfect solution to meet all kinds of requirements. And that is why we are dancing with the stars.

In Benelux our product offering extends beyond Sennheiser microphones and headphones. We also represent additional premium brands, including Apart, K-Array, Fischer Amps, Overline, RDL, Televic, Reinhardt and König & Meyer. Our target markets are the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our activities are not just restricted to the business sphere. We are also committed to social causes. One of these is Warchild, an international charity that helps children in war-torn areas. We also support the Opkikker Foundation, which helps families with chronically ill children. Futhermore, we have partnerships with various colleges and universities. Our Technical Projects Coordinator is a visiting lecturer at a media college, the SAE Institute.

What makes us special

As market leader, Sennheiser is not just known to specialists — we are also a household name. We have achieved a leading position in the headphone market in Belgium and the Netherlands. We are also successfully established on the international duty-free market. We have received numerous awards in recognition of our success, including the Dutch Silver Spin Award for the Sennheiser Frequency Finder. In Sennheiser’s internal competition, we have twice been winners of the Project of the Year contest.

What we love doing

Our 59 members of staff in the Netherlands and Belgium work to meet the highest standards of perfect sound, in keeping with the customer’s individual needs. We love engaging with our customers directly: via our excellent application service team on the phone, or on location at concerts, audio productions and consumer events. Only with this direct and frequent contact can we ensure we continue to learn about our customer’s true demands and live up to our vision of offering outstanding sound performance to meet all individual requirements.

These successes would not be possible without a team that cares passionately about sound. Before joining Sennheiser, many of us had a background in professional audio or were musicians ourselves. Many of us are still pursuing our passion for music as a hobby while playing in a band, recording at home studios or providing audio services for local venues. At our Benelux offices, we are proud that our talents, passion for perfect sound and ongoing technical improvements have been rewarded with personal and corporate success.

Where we have roots

Today Sennheiser employs more than 2,100 people in over 90 countries. Our global headquarters is located in Wennebostel, Germany, a small village close to the northern German city of Hanover. Our Wennebostel production facilities meet the highest technical standards in the production of microphones, wireless transmission technology, conference and tour guide systems, aviation headsets, high quality headphones and headphone transducers and monitor systems.

Where we are at home

Sennheiser Netherlands was founded in 1995. We have found a home in the township of Almere; our Belgian branch is based in Asse. The strategic location of these offices equips our team with the right inspiration to provide the perfect sound for our customers, every day and every minute, all year round.